Our Story lalucianagh 

     Self-care is very important to everyone especially with a stressful year or two. The pandemic has changed the lives of almost every person in the world. Especially for those working on the front line like me.
      Hi, my name is Luciana Kavanagh and I'm the founder of lalucianagh an independent small home-based online shop in Co. Waterford Ireland. Bringing the vibes to your home, supporting and supplying authentic artisanal, traditional and sustainable self-care and mindfulness inspire products, gift boxes and etc. sourced from curated brands we love all over Ireland across Europe, the UK and USA.
      It all started as a hobby. I work in a hospital setting and I have 3 children. I know how stressful this time and iteasy to forget about your own needs when you're busy. During the lockdown, when I am not in my hectic work schedule I found solace in the unlikeliest place in my home, in my tiny kitchen making scented soy wax candles :)
      For me, a relaxing shower is about as close to having a spa day. So I decided at that time, as we were going nowhere, why not bring the "vibes" like "holiday, self-care, and mindfulness vibes to you in the comfort of your home.
Luciana Kavanagh